The Brighton Hair Loss Clinic is offering new clients the chance to sign-up to its Low Level Laser Therapy Treatment at a discounted price. For the remainder of 2014, all potential clients will be entitled to 10% off the cost of their treatment if they quote HAIR10 during a free consultation.   The Brighton Hair […]

The dangers of stress!

Handling stress is never easy, whether it is work related anxiety caused by difficulties in the office, arguing with a partner at home, or most commonly, worrying over a lack of money.   Work place stress has been in the headlines recently after the Office of National Statistics revealed that men are rapidly narrowing the […]


There is a modern day perception that the majority of men are oglers that are more interested in breasts and bums than beauty – however research has been conducted that suggests they are not as bad as you think!   Murine, who make eye drops, surveyed 1,000 men and 70% of them revealed that eyes […]

Food for Thought: Protein & Hair

Food for Thought: Protein & Hair A news story caught my eye last week. Apparently, obesity is the new smoking in terms of the impact on health and to the cost of the NHS. This was according the NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens, who revealed that a quarter of adults – up from 15% […]

Hair today, gone tomorrow? …A Blog post from one of our clients

Hair today, gone tomorrow? The year was 2006 when one of my good friends decided to make a sly dig that I was going bald. Funnily enough, I hadn’t noticed it until he very kindly pointed it out – do you sense the sarcasm? So, there I stood at the age of 23, locked in […]

Tackle women’s hair loss with confidence

I stumbled across some recent statistics published by The Economist the other day! Yes, I know what you’re thinking but it is always good to do some swotting up during your lunch break! They reported that analysts at Goldman Sachs estimate the global beauty industry is growing at 7% a year.   Currently, the skin […]

10 of the most common Hair Loss Myths…

#1 Overexposure To The Sun Causes Hair Loss : FALSE BUT SOMEWHAT TRUE  Ultraviolet (UV) radiation can cause skin problems like accelerated aging and cancer, but it will not interrupt hair follicle function, says hair expert Dr Alan Bauman, of Bauman Medical Group in Florida. However, overexposure of hair fibres to UV radiation can in fact […]

The importance of a Healthy Scalp and the link to Hair Loss.

You probably see advertisements every day for Shampoos and Conditioners that will supposedly give you beautiful, healthy hair. If your hair is dry, there’s a conditioner for that… If it’s too oily, you can fix it with a shampoo… Got dandruff? You can take care of it in the shower! But the truth is that […]

The Brighton Hair Loss Car

Look out for the new Brighton Hair Loss Car!