Food for Thought: Protein & Hair

Food for Thought: Protein & Hair

A news story caught my eye last week. Apparently, obesity is the new smoking in terms of the impact on health and to the cost of the NHS. This was according the NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens, who revealed that a quarter of adults – up from 15% 20 years ago – are obese. The article also explained that one-in-five children could be considered obese – which is a terrible statistic.

The old saying goes “you are what you eat” – and I believe more education is needed around the impact of food and what constitutes a healthy diet. The lack of knowledge surrounding different ingredients and nutrients, and the effect they can have on the body, is quite worrying.

Take protein for example – I wonder how many people know how vital protein is to ensuring the proper growth and function of the human body, including hair! There has been a lot of discussion about how much protein the average man or woman needs to consume per day – at present, it’s recommended that women need 46 grams whilst men need 56 grams.

I sit down with every new client that visits The Brighton Hair Loss Clinic to calculate how much protein they are consuming on an average week. Each hair cell on the human body is made from keratin, which is a form of protein. Therefore, it is vital to have a nutritious diet that includes a healthy amount of protein. If your body suffers from a lack of protein your hair will not have the building blocks to encourage hair growth.

Along with our FDA-approved hair products and our Low Level Laser Therapy, protein plays a key role in stopping further hair loss and stimulating new growth.

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Posted September 23rd, 2014 in TBHLC.