We have relaunched as 360 Hair Clinic. Click here to be directed to our new and improved website, or book a Free Consultation here.

The Brighton Hair Loss Clinic is one of the first clinics in the UK to offer Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) and Minoxidil, both of which are changing the future in the treatment for Hair Loss. Both treatments are complemented with a range of products designed to improve the scalp and hair condition, and have also been clinically proven to stop further hair loss and stimulate new growth.

We offer a non-surgical and multi-therapeutic approach to treating hair loss; Treatments offered at The Brighton Hair Loss Clinic have been scientifically proven to be safe, effective in stopping hair loss and stimulating hair growth. Some treatments and products are only available following a thorough medical assessment. Clients that are in the initial stages of hair loss may see a faster response to our treatment program. However, almost all clients will see a stabilisation of hair loss and an improvement on the thickness and quality of their hair. It is important to understand that as with any treatment, results will vary by individual. Each client is therefore treated individually and expectations are managed at the initial Free Consultation.

We have relaunched as 360 Hair Clinic. Click here to be directed to our new and improved website, , or book a Free Consultation here.

Has Your Confidence Suffered Due To Hair Loss, Thinning or Balding?

The Brighton Hair Loss Clinic may have the answer you have been looking for, offering the best solutions to Stop Hair Loss in it's tracks and potentially restore some hair that has been lost. The treatments we offer are the most effective solutions that have been proven to stop hair loss, thinning and balding in men and women.

With any Hair Loss Treatment early intervention is key, The sooner you start treatment the better results.

We have relaunched as 360 Hair Clinic. Click here to be directed to our new and improved website, or book a Free Consultation here.


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Did you know...

Hair Cells are made from Keratin, which is a Protein. If you are not getting enough Protein in your diet you will not have the building blocks to encourage your hair to grow.


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