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The Brighton Hair Loss Clinic is offering new clients the chance to sign-up to its Low Level Laser Therapy Treatment at a discounted price. For the remainder of 2014, all potential clients will be entitled to 10% off the cost of their treatment if they quote HAIR10 during a free consultation.


The Brighton Hair Loss Clinic has already helped more than 100 people regain their confidence through the Low Level Laser Therapy Treatment, which has been clinically-proven to rejuvenate, restore and regrow hair. The treatment is FDA-approved and has been widely used in the USA since 2007. In addition, it is completely painless and no surgery is required.


The promotion is also being advertised through the Clinic’s Facebook page, so take a look and feel free to comment.


For more details, or to book a free consultation, visit the Contact Us page online or call 01273 646500.

The dangers of stress!

Handling stress is never easy, whether it is work related anxiety caused by difficulties in the office, arguing with a partner at home, or most commonly, worrying over a lack of money.


Work place stress has been in the headlines recently after the Office of National Statistics revealed that men are rapidly narrowing the gap on women in longevity. Yes, that’s right – whilst women have always historically outlived men (on average, of course) that gap is now closing.


This has been largely put down to the increase in the number of women who are now focusing on fast-paced and challenging careers that ultimately lead to a lot of stress. Of course, feeling anxious and stressed is not good for your health, but it also leads to a number of other bad habits which have a hugely detrimental effect, like excessive drinking or smoking.


An ONS commentary said: “The general narrowing of the gap between male and female mortality rates can be explained by a number of reasons including improvements in male health leading to a rise in male life expectancy which has increased at a greater rate than for females. Increases in women entering the labour force over the last 50 years are considered to have had an impact on levels of stress, smoking and drinking, leading to changes in the health of females.”


The rise in stress levels can have a number of knock-on effects, including hair loss. Earlier this week, I read a news story that claimed Kim Kardashian was suffering from hair loss as a result of stress. This was also the case for Twilight star Kristen Stewart last year after she split with Robert Pattinson.


Of course, it is very hard to make yourself feel relaxed when you’re suffering from stress, and signs of hair loss are only going to lead to further anxiety. However, there are a number of ways to improve your hair’s vitality. Firstly, I recommend a healthy, protein-focused diet. Secondly, our Papilla HairStim Capsules not only contain AnaGain, but also a host of other B Vitamins, all designed to improve the health of your hair.


If you’d like to discuss this in more detail, call The Brighton Hair Loss Clinic on 01273 646500.



There is a modern day perception that the majority of men are oglers that are more interested in breasts and bums than beauty – however research has been conducted that suggests they are not as bad as you think!


Murine, who make eye drops, surveyed 1,000 men and 70% of them revealed that eyes were the first thing they gaze at when approaching a women or passing one in the street. A smile was second whilst breasts were third! They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but funnily enough women answered similarly to men and picked eyes too.


The top tens were as follows:

How men notice women:

1. Eyes

2. Smiles

3. Boobs

4. Hair

5. Weight

6. Legs

7. Dress sense

8. Bum

9. Height

10. Skin


How women notice men:

1. Eyes

2. Smiles

3. Height

4. Hair

5. Dress Sense

6. Weight

7. Skin

8. Face Shape

9. Bum

10. Nose


Commenting on the results, a spokesperson for Murine eye drops said: “Eyes usually tell us a lot about a person so we aren’t surprised that eyes are what draws us to the opposite sex.”


We’ve discussed this research at The Brighton Hair Loss Clinic over a cup of tea and we agree…. the eyes really are a window to the soul! That’s why we have expanded our online shop to include a range of amazing products from NutraLuxe that can bring your eyes to life.


If you suffer from sparse, slow growing eyelashes, The NutraLuxe Eyelash Enhancer can help. The Lash Enhancing Serum contains two Active Ingredients, both proven to stimulate growth. When both ingredients are used together, this helps the lashes reach their full potential in length, fullness, thickness and darkness. Meanwhile, the NutraLuxe Eyebrow Enhancer works in the same way to leave your eyebrows 50% thicker and fuller in just eight weeks.


These are just two of the many fantastic products we have available to help bring back that twinkle in your eyes. For more information on any of our products, call 01273 646500 or contact us online.