Hair today, gone tomorrow? …A Blog post from one of our clients

Hair today, gone tomorrow?

The year was 2006 when one of my good friends decided to make a sly dig that I was going bald. Funnily enough, I hadn’t noticed it until he very kindly pointed it out – do you sense the sarcasm? So, there I stood at the age of 23, locked in the bathroom, awkwardly trying to position two mirrors together so I could catch a glimpse of the thinning patch on my crown.  And there it was….

It wasn’t a ‘bald spot’ per se, but I could tell my hair wasn’t as thick as it used to be. My hairline at the front hadn’t begun to start crawling towards the back of my head, so it was actually difficult to initially tell. However, from that day I immediately lost a huge slice of personal confidence. Thankfully, over the next few years my hair loss was very gradual – I don’t even have a bald spot now – but overall I’m quite aware that it has thinned.

For the first few years I just tried to put it to the back of my mind, almost hoping that another individual in my group of friends would start losing theirs (a bit nasty, I know!) The problem is they haven’t, and I knew, although we are a tight knit group, being the very first to suffer from hair loss would result in a fair bit of ribbing – something I admittedly take too much to heart.

The big turning point for me was summer 2013. The countdown to my wedding day had reached the six-month stage and I really wanted to have a set of wedding photos I could be proud of. So when I joined David Lloyd gym (in order to shift a few pounds before the big day), I saw the advertisements for The Brighton Hair Loss Clinic. I booked in for a free consultation with Sophie and she explained how my treatment programme would work. It fit around my busy lifestyle, which consisted of the demands of a new job and wedding planning! The cost of the treatment was reasonable and I took the plunge.

The treatment has led to a gradual improvement in the health and strength of my hair, and I can notice that the thinning areas are closing. I’m now approaching the final few months at the Clinic and I can’t recommend it enough. However, the greatest benefit was the sense of relief. From my first session under the laser I knew the reversal process had begun. A huge weight was immediately lifted off my shoulders and I was able to channel my stress into different areas of my life – most notably, organising a wedding!

I definitely recommend The Brighton Hair Loss Clinic.


Posted September 1st, 2014 in TBHLC.