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How Your Hair Grows:



The production of the cells that make up our hair starts at the base of the Hair Follicle, in the Dermal Papilla. (Please see the diagram below.) The blood supply takes freshly oxygenated cells and nutrients to the Dermal Papilla, and in the Dermal Matrix Mitochondria release ADP which mixes with Oxygen singlets to form ATP energy. ATP energy causes one healthy living cell to split into two and one of the cells then dies and undergoes Keratinisation. The cell forms a protein shell and this dead cell is pushed up into the Inner Root Sheath where the hair is formed and then grows out as a healthy hair.

Why Your Hair Miniturises:



There are 2 places, relevant to Hair Loss, in the body that have receptors for DHT:

In men they are in the prostate and in both men and women they are at the base of the follicles in the top of the scalp from the temples to the crown area.

When the DHT binds to the receptors at the Dermal Papilla this leads to a reduction in energy that is usually sent to the Dermal Matrix to split the cells, as it is diverted and used to break away the DHT that is bound to the base of the follicle. The DHT essentially starts to suffocate the hair follicle and this leads to a reduction in cell division, so there are fewer cells to become keratinised and there is therefore a reduction in thickness, length and strength of the hair. When the hair becomes thinner, the follicle shrinks around it until production stops almost completely which is known as Follicular Miniaturisation. If these follicles have not completely detached from the blood supply, they can potentially be revived.

How The Treatment Restores Your Hair:

Laser Therapy:

Low Level Laser Therapy increases the circulation to scalp by 54%  which ensures that the follicles are getting a better supply of freshly oxygenated cells and nutrients which in turn speeds up the cell metabolism and the release of ATP energy. The result of this is that more keratinised cells are produced faster and the hair starts to grow thicker and faster.


Minoxidil is applied to the scalp daily and it also increases circulation to the scalp, therefore producing more hair cells so the hair grows thicker and faster. It also keeps the hair follicle in the Anagen (growing) Phase for longer and shortens the Telogen (shedding) Phase.

Papilla Products:

The Papilla Range all contain 2 main active ingredients AnaGain™ & Capixyl™.

AnaGain™ is derived from Organic Pea Sprout and it has been clinically proven to lengthen the Anagen (growing) Phase of the hair follicle, and to shorten the Telogen (shedding) Phase. AnaGain™ reduces hair loss by inducing dermal papilla cells to reactivate hair growth. AnaGain™ was shown, thanks to DNA microarray analysis of plucked hair follicles, to activate, in the dermal papilla, specific signal molecules which are required to initiate the growth of a new hair.

Capixyl™ is an innovative and unique active complex designed to prevent and stop the hair loss process, stimulate hair growth and reduces inflammation in the scalp. Capixyl™ is a biomimetic signal peptide (acetyl tetrapeptide-3) combined with a red clover extract rich in Biochanin A, working synergistically on DHT modulation via the inhibition of 5-? reductase and on the stimulation of ECM renewal and anchoring proteins. Capixyl™ has also proven results on eyelashes making them fuller and thicker.

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Did you know...

Hair Cells are made from Keratin, which is a Protein. If you are not getting enough Protein in your diet you will not have the building blocks to encourage your hair to grow.


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